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How many? Will it lag?
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So here i am with my server. And yeah my internet downloadspeed is about 3mb and my upload is about 0.22.
So can i do anything to get more then 4 players in without lag.
Would it help if i put it into a about 1.6 ghz pc with 1gig ram and windows xp and set it to above normal and not use this computer where i also play on.
The game is Counter-Strike:Source. So if i use the other computer i could close some of those things that uses much CPU and set AboveNormal to srcds.exe.
Can 512 to 1gig ram give a big different?
I should get 10mbit soon but until i really wanna try out to fix it.
Well when there comes about 4 players pings go to about 99-100 and more sometimes and thats kind'a fucked up.
I hardly hope that i can make it stop lagging with more then 4-players.
0.22MBit upload?

Forget about hosting servers!!!!!
Yeah i know its fucked but up but i hope to get 1mbit soon.
What about cs 1.6?
Approximately the same.

ps. 1 mbit isn't enough for more than 9players.
256k upload = 7 players (4 players for srcds)
Yeah I know the calculation. However it's a very good point to have a bit extra.

If you want to push it, go for like 12slots. Without ANYTHING else running on your network.
If you are really thinking about running a source server with a 1.6GHz processor and 1Gb RAM I would really recommend running on Linux. I have a 2.0GHz and 1Gb and noticed a difference after switching over (I have an 8 man server). Less stress on the hardware. 512Mb to 1Gb should make a noticeable difference in performance as well.

Other than that, you will need a better upload speed for sure. And pings 99-100 aren't even THAT bad. When I was running on XP after getting 5 or 6 people on, it used to choke like crazy and send peoples ping well above 300. But a server running with 0.22 upload speed is going to be choking like crazy either way.

If I were you, I would take that 1.6GHz 1Gb computer, install Ubuntu (easiest Linux distro to learn for beginners in Linux), or if you are more advanced maybe something a little less graphics intensive to save on system resources. Then install the server on that and play on it from a different comp. Only use the 1.6GHz when you need to modify SRCDS config files. See if that makes any difference.

Then check your tick, etc etc and see if you can tweak it to save a bit on lag. Then after that, if it doesn't do much, upgrade your internet connection.

Good luck!

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