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Skin questions.. [REEEEEESAWLVED]
Well I will be getting a 30 slot 66 tick zombie escape server and I was wondering about skins...

Should I use mani admin? I know that it has an option for skins, or sourcemod? Does it have a plugin?

What's the best way to give people who donate just power to choose they own skins?

Also if you have any additional info or stuff to tell me please do, like commands to block from hax =]

I also disabled rcon_password to be run by clients so they cannot get into the password ^_^

Any additional info, again, will be helpful, any at all!
Well actually I'm agianst myself! But Mani has the best skin management compared to ALL other plugins.

It allows YOU to have reserved skins, so you could let only a FEW people have those.
I found some eventscripts skins... :\
Will see if I can use those...

I'll try as MUCH AS POSSIBLE, not to use Mani... :\

If I find anything else good about mani I will probably have to use it for Zombie Escape.

Thanks, now got anything else to help with guys?


If you disabled RCon you should be safe from RCon attacks. Smile
Whats wrong with mani that i need to know about how come alot of people i know try to avoid it.
1. It's a beta - have been that for 3 years now.

2. It has ALOT of errors.

3. It's insecure.

4. It's very resource hungry.

5. It has no updates available uptodate.

etc etc etc
.... Anyone know a zombie mod that 1 hit kill and the people turn a zombie when killed?
And can BUY weapons?

I'm trying to look still :\

I don't want a zombie survival!

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