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SourceMod and Mani Admin Plugin
Is it recommended to run these 2 plug-ins in the same server?
i have a server with both plug-ins and i can't write at admin in mani now, it writes as admin in sourceMod in stead.. and because of that i can't write @rr in chat to restart at PCW's but there is other commands lige rcon mp_restartgame 3
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No it's definiately not recommended to do so.

It's strongly unrecommended to not use Mani Admin Plugin as it is a beta and has many security flaws. SourceMod however is much better.
I ran mani and sm at the same server for some time until I could switch all features to the appropriate sm plugins. Nowadays this is not really necessary anymore as all plugins already exists ;-)
I did not get any unexpected problems. Mani crashes the server from time to time, but it does this without SM running. And you will need to keep the admin list in sync manually, this can be annoying... If you can use SM only! (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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I had both on my old server for a long time. Just remember to remove the timeleft option in sourcemod and patch the exploit in mani.

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