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How many slots?
okay, im going to rent a dedicated server soon, for gamehosting and would like to know how many slots this dedicated could run ( 100tick, 500fps ), the internet connection is 100 MBit Switchport.

Heres the specs

Is it money worth?

And what OS should i use for game hosting? ubuntu?
The operation system for your game server doesn't matter. It's very rare there is a difference.

Personally I like Ubuntu Desktop 9.04. As it's free and easy.
hey realchamp Wink i know, i made a thread here because you didnt know how many slots it could take, so im hoping that someone else knows it, i wont buy a dedicated with cant run more than 30, that would been bad.
It does support more than 30slots a core(I believe). But more I don't know. Can we have the frequent of the processor?
all i got is this ;
it has 4 cores.

EDIT : the frequent of the processer is 2GHz.
4 cores in total Wink

Approximately 30slots pr. core.
okay, Wink thanks

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