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[RESOLVED] Quake sounds / mani_server.cfg
Hello i have quake sounds on my server.
With my mani_server.cfg i can see them but not hear them.
I found someone posted his mani_server.cfg in a thread like this one and when i tried his it´s all worked Smile

but i had done so many settings to mine so i wonder what´s have i done wrong in mine.

i attach my mani_server.cfg

Tell me if you wan´t more information..

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First of all the zip is named (double dots). Be sure the file isn't named "mani_server..cfg".

Secondly, be sure you do NOT have sv_pure = 1 and sv_consistency = 1.
in my server it´s called mani_server.cfg.. cuz i using anorther cfg now to hear the sounds

i changed a another server cfg file that i have the settings sv_consistency 1 i changed it to sv_consistency 0

Thnx i will try it out now i say if it works not later.
i solved the problem the prob was sv_consistency to others it should be set to 0 like this

sv_consistency 0
Added resolved.

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