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Can bots get ranked
can bots get ranked ? can they have kills per death ratios, and be put into the ranks ?
Cutloose Big Grin
if you set it up that way, but it'll still depend on what stats program you use
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if u use mani-admin plugin wat would u have to do
Cutloose Big Grin
Hey cutloose

Hope this helps.

The mani admin documentation can be found here...

and the excerpt that might help you is this...

mani documentation Wrote:V1.0.8 (19th Jan 2005)

Fixes for bots, slay/kick.
Full integration with the tk protection system. If a bot tk's you, you can punish them. If you tk a bot they will punish you. If a bot kills a bot, they can punish each other.

Bots will not get kicked for too many tk violations.
Bots will not be put on the stats

Not sure that's supported... I'd go search the mani admin forums for this man. I bet they could help you out better than we could.

good luck.



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