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Server not responding
So my dedicated server can't go to internet because i have a router, which has a firewall and i have a F-secure with a firewall (but it's switched off)

My router is a Telewell 510v3

I've been trying to get this to work for days but nothing seems to work... could it be Hamachi which does something bad?

Also i have opened the ports and they're open but still no good Sad
1.) You don't use Hamachi to host, Hamachi is a lan device.


3.) Open the ports on the server computer too, sometimes they are firewalled if you are using Windows





oh and did I mention ?

ANYWAY, someone can pick up the mess I left, this is a broad instruction right here, but most people should get it.

If anyone cares to improve me, go ahead.
The server doesn't show up on the list and my friends can only join by connecting to my external IP... well so good so far
Do you play on the same machine as you host on?

And knowlegded VALVe have had problems with the Steam servers lately, they haven't been in right order, as they didn't take several new servers in.
It seems to work now because while i was AFK some people have joined my server
i have a dedicated and people can find it i have a router just forword the f-ing ports and give ur friends ur ip like this
connect they can join and alot of people can find mine in the list so for me it´s working Smile

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