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Server Is Not Responding...
Ok, So I got my two server up and running and I can connect to them and so can friends but when ever they do View Server Info or try to join through favorites or it says Server Is not responding. Also it is showing up in the Master Server list for other people but not for me, I guess because people that I did not know or my friends did not know were joining. Is there anyway to fix the Server Is not Responding and for me not being able to see my server in the master server list?

Here is my start command for my Normal Server
./srcds_run -cosole -game cstrike +map de_dust2 -maxplayers 24 -autoupdate -tickrate 66 +ip -port 27015
And here is my start command for my GunGame Server
./srcds_run -cosole -game cstrike +map aim_ag_texture_city -maxplayers 24 -autoupdate -tickrate 66 +ip -port 27016

when I tell people to join through console I give them and also my servers show up on but when I click the IP it shows I get the Server is not responding message.

Please Help, Thanks
Because you are connecting off lan, they cannot connect through the lan address you are using.

Therefore they can never connect through you!
But they can usually connect through other players.

You can't fix this problem.

You will always be connecting to your lan when you play on your own server, (I'm thinking this is homehosted)
So you will have to give your buddies the public address (IP)=Internet Protocal=/ (does not equal>:[) = LAN ADDRESS

Anyhow, yep, they will have to add your server to favorites by history, and it will be there now, but they can't connect through you, again, because you are on LAN IP to your server!
Ok, Thanks. But its just wierd because when I set my server up last year I used to be able to see them in the Master Server List. But I guess it is on the master server list because other people are joining that me or my friends do not know, so I guess it's working...

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