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How would I find the Tickrate for me server?
Hey, I am just wondering how or where I would find the tickrate for my server? Because All I just do is add
-tickrate 66
to my command line, but I don't know what it should actually be at. I also used to put 100 and 66 and the server did not run any differently.
Thats right.

But you should feel a difference.

To check the currently tickrate use this as a client:
net_graph 3

Read those to the right.
Ok, I got it. thanks
Hmmm, now that's got me wondering, which one is server tick and which one is client tick?

The one on the top on the right, or the one on the bottom on the right?

Or what does it mean if I'm wrong?
Have a look here.
[Image: tickrate66.jpg]
Oh, ok Thanks I got it now Toungue. Also when someone was playing on my server their choke was around 100, is that from my end or his end?
Can be both, if all players has high chokes is very unlikely that it are them all at once.

Or if he is the only one havin' it, tell him that his net aren't so good. Or atleast he has a bad connection to your server.
Thanks for clearing it up Big Grin
Nice thanks

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