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Comcast PowerBoost and SRCDS
Hi I just got comcast business and was looking to host a small private tf2 server as I was only paying for 2Mbps upstream however with PowerBoost I get 9Mbps up so I was wondering if anyone knows how PowerBoost would work on a game server. I think it works for the first 10MB of a file, so does it look like each client machine is downloading one large file or many small ones? Has anyone tested this?

Uhm, I don't know...

It would probably work...

But sensing as you get x clients, your bandwidth will decrease by x.

Because the more clients, the more bandwidth is used up, the more upload speed is used up, the powerboost will drain, as it won't stay on forever, just when you need it.

So it would probably work, just not all the time.
Assume you are running a 2Mbps connection.
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Powerboost only comes into effect when someone starts downloading a map. 2mbps should be enough to run ~20 slot server at 100tick.
SBT Wrote:Powerboost only comes into effect when someone starts downloading a map. 2mbps should be enough to run ~20 slot server at 100tick.

Do you really think 20 tf2 slots at 100tick??? From what I have read I thought it was be much lower.. Would it be possible for 24 at 66 tick?
Power boost only comes into effect when you DONT use bandwidth for a while/use only less than about 20 kb/s... so powerboost will only have an effect on the first couple people that join.
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PowerBoost is not a feature that's built in, it just sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Toungue Don't expect anything from Powerboost but an additional boost here and then at random moments.
With that upload rate, with tf2 at 100 tickrate, you can handle around 14-16 clients with map downloads, without lagging, and around 20-22 slots 66 tick with map downloads.
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Cool, that is way more then what I was thinking I could host. I wont have map downloads enabled on my server but was thinking of hosting that on one of those cheap unlimited space and bandwidth sites. Do you guys recommend any particular site?
I run a couple servers off a comcast connection. The only thing that bugs me is that alot of nearby people(mostly AT&T dsl users) will get around 60-80 ping because their packets get sent across the other side of the US and then back, instead of a local exchange.

I would personally just start out with 14 slots at 100tick and work it up if you can handle it, otherwise stick with 66 tick for a pub with more slots.

PM me with your MSN/AIM and I can hook you up with a sv_download url if you want.

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