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250.0 fps 0/20 on map dod_donner
Console initialized.
Game.dll loaded for "Day of Defeat"
Particles: Missing 'particles/error.pcf'
Particles: Missing 'particles/fire_01.pcf'
Particles: Missing 'particles/burning_fx.pcf'
maxplayers set to 20
Unknown command "mat_bloom_scalefactor_scalar"
Network: IP, mode MP, dedicated Yes, ports 27015 SV / 27005 CL
Unknown command "sv_rollangle"
Unknown command "mp_facefronttime"
Unknown command "sv_unlag_fixstuck"
ConVarRef sk_suitcharger doesn't point to an existing ConVar
Executing dedicated server config file
Error reading weapon data file for: weapon_ifm_steadycam
exec: couldn't exec server.cfg
exec: couldn't exec dod_donner.cfg
Adding master server
Adding master server
Connection to Steam servers successful.
VAC secure mode is activated.

I didn't do anything and now it won't load my server.cfg???
would the server be up?? my IP's
These are standard.

Just make your own server.cfg. Place it in ..gamedir/orangebox/dod/cfg
K it loaded it now, but when I add my external IP to favorites the server isn't responding. All my ports are forwarded
Add your local IP instead. BUT your friends must add your external IP.
Ok could someone try to connect to my server?

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