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Another "Is my comp good enough?" topic
I have an older PC with windows 98 (533 MHz proc, and 128 ram, i know its bad), and i was wondering how many slots i could have on a tf2 server with this PC. I have 30/6 internet, so upload wont be a problem.
I would say 2-4 players maximum maybe less, depeding on what other services you are using. Smile

Your internet is fine.
Use linux or ubuntu and you should be able to bump it up to a max of 6 :]
Nah I wouldn't say that. Windows 98 isn't that resource hungry.
I didn't know you can run srcds on 98 :p sowy
St1flus Wrote:I didn't know you can run srcds on 98 :p sowy

lol I use it on 2000NT some times, now there is a good OS, XP, Vita and 7 can all bite my 200NT useing arse
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Vita? Must be a new OS that came out recently LOL.
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I once ran on a lan party with < 10 ppl a server on my old 500 MHz PIII laptop. It was lagging like hell ;-) It was already on an optimized gentoo linux... 6 slots could be ok, but probably not more. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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6slots at 99% CPU usage and if he opened his browser the server would eventually crash Toungue

But no matter, try both and find out which one is the best for you.
OMG so much LOL

Okay now I know moar :]

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