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Server help, linux ubuntu
Hello there, i downloaded Linux Desktop version, instead of the server version, i did not do it on purpose, but i need help to everything.

How can i make it so i can connect via putty and winSCP to it?:/

Do not link me to much shit becouse i just want straight answers, if anybody can help me i will give you my msn or something!
Well u dont need the "Server" version of Ubuntu to run servers, I found some videos awhile back, I will refind them
[Image: 3386928252.png]
Thank you, im realy noobish Smile hehe
Well what I do to run my server on Ubuntu Desktop is I use VNC to do a remote desktop, that's if you have two computers. Are you running the server and playing the game on the same computer?
The server is ofcourse a standalone, never host and game on same computer, all i want to know is how i can make a stablishment so i can connect to it with putty and winSCP or smartftp
For smartFTP don't you just have to type in the IP, User name and password and the port? Because That's what I do for CuteFTP Pro and it works for me, not sure if smartftp is different...
In winSCP we write a hostname and username and pw:S

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