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Hi all I have a dedicated server...not SRCDS but I dont know where else to post this.

I am a new server owner. Someone recently came on my server and hacked it.

He changed the name and put a password on server. Then he banned everyone.

I think this was done through RCON but I really dont know how.

I have turned off the server. How can I protect the server??

Make a unbreakable password for RCon. Which shouldn't be that hard. And don't make other people admins, only yourself.
Do you have Mani or Eventscripts? There are ways to exploit your server if you use either one.
it have happened to me he asked me to put on sv_cheats 1 i did it then he started tp spawn objects like barrels walls and stuff the everyone being banned and he changed the rcon password but i don´r know any way to change rcon pw trugh console ^o) i have the hackers steam id:

Their is a widely available script to change the servers rcon password if sv_cheats is set to 1.
~ trewq
hmm to others if someone you don´t trust wan´t you to put on sv_cheats 1 you shouldent..?

in my case i banned the hacker and copied his steam id and put another rcon pw and created a new clients.txt file Big Grin HAH
The server is unsecure and I have mani admin installed.

SV_cheats is set to 0

What do I do?
Also if I just outright disable RCON, am I protected against hackers?
Yes. If you ran the server with no RCon password, no admin plugins and sv_cheats 0 you will be save.
#10 =) That should help you
You are the server what's the problem? Keep that super-safe Rcon password to yourself ...
Add rcon_lock and exploit_coverup like mentioned above and also install zBlock. It prevents from DoS attacks.

And try to make a good RCON. Don't give it out to anyone.
Those scripts are sooo funn. I love the tornado one. Also the rcon hacking script doesn't re-write the server.cfg. So as long as he doesnt know the real rcon, you should be fine. unless i'm mistaken.
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You know its a stupid thing mentioning that you know how to do it, and that you love them which mean you use them often, which means you deserve to be banned from every server you go to...
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I'd also recommend zblock.

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