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Will it do?
Server OS: Ubuntu 32-bit
Processor: Intel® Celeron® M 900MHz
Ram: 2 GB
Game(s): Counter-Strike: Source
Start Up Command: None yet.
Admin Mods: None yet.
Hello. Im thinking og creating a server on my eee pc. All i want is some tips to make the server run as good as possible. Stuff like connections, OS, Batch files and just stuff wich helps the server. I made servers before and i got a basic knowledge in how the server works. Thank you!

Well with that processor, you would definitely find it hard getting a server with more than 5slots. At 100tickrate atleast. Without high pings, lagspikes and several other factors there will be in line.
10 slots 66 tic, i'm gunna say.
[Image: cstrike2-01.png]
I believe in less of that. Unless we wonts 100% CPU usage Smile
Yeah your right. I ment 33 tic, for 10 slots.
[Image: cstrike2-01.png]
That would be better, it should handle that just fine. *If you aren't havin' alot of other stuff running.*
Okay. Thanks now what about kernels?? Im new to linux but i read around these forums that you can get different kernels can sombody give me some help with that? which one should i use, how do i install it? Thanks!
I don't know that, sorry. Try to make a new topic in srcds Linux.

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