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Unable to get my dedicated server listed in server browser
Hi all,

I play TF2 with friends, and one thing I would like to do is to host a dedicated server on my own machine for private games. I have read the sticky about not running a dedicated server on the same machine which is playing the game, but I don't want to run a listen server, as ping and framerate are actually worse!

I have forwarded all the ports correctly, and I've essentially verified this because some friends are able to join if they use the console command " connect ip ". I however, don't have all technically apt friends, and I wouldn't like to go through the process of explaining to each of them how to direct connect to my console. I would like to use the convenience of the steam friends " join game " function, unfortunately, they get the " server not respondong " message.

So the main issue I have is the loss of this functionality. I can't understand why, or the cause, but nobody can view my TF2 server through the server browser, or steam friends (my understanding is it is reporting my internal IP address), and I would like to hear from anybody who knows how to resolve this issue. I know some people are likely to come with comments about how I could rent a server for cheap or just host a listen server, but neither of those are solutions to the problem. I would appreciate it if anyone with similar experiences could explain how they fixed the issue, or if anybody knows of a potential workaround.

I thank you in advance for any helpful advice, and for taking the time to read this.


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