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sv_download url help
ok some of u people may have known that has been screwed or something as of July 8, 2009
can any1 tell me if it is permanent
also...can someone post a free sv_url hoster
and please dont post about no proxy stuff i just want a hoster
and i dont wana pay
so that would be great and please dont post no hoster that i have to pay
trust me all i need is like 10 megs of space and like 100mb monthly bandwith and im good
I am not sure if there are any programs anymore that provide free downloadurl hosting. There is a few, but did you try Googling it?
frig where is king when we need him
he says its gone due to lack of donation
Just buy your own webspace. You won't regret it if you are enthusiastic enough.
Goilio shut it down

as other people said cuz lack of donations

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