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What happened to the multi threaded srcds?
How come we are still dealing with the single threaded SRCDS? I mean I really want it to be multithreaded, I run a server for a mod obsidian conflict, and with a lot of npcs it lags, and I'm on lan with the server and net_graph 1 shows like 50 ms ping(which is impossible). I see the cpu usage on the server and it is 25% (q6600 @ 3.6 ghz) Only one of the cores is working... Other people also experience the lag, and I'm not even using close to the amount of up/download max I have. How come Valve is being pretty lazy? Because I heard in like 06 they had a beta of a multi threaded one, was it scrapped?
I think VALVe has some problems with the economic, as I've read about. That's why they are releasing L4D2, to make people buy the actual game agian. To earn more money.
Don't they make a lot of money from steam too?
usually the single cores of modern multi-core cpus are fast enough to handle even large servers. so I use my cores to run multiple servers :-)
of course a multi-threaded srcds could be better, but it also could be worse as this would probably introduce additional overhead. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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jigglywiggly Wrote:Don't they make a lot of money from steam too?

They do. But they have economic problems and there has been several examples on it lately. (finance crisis).

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