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console not printing say commands
my server is not publishing all the say commands from the map. For example, some all in one maps sometimes do a countdown and print that countdown to the chat. Well, my server isn't printing that say commands to the chat. Something like zombie escape maps when they say "Blow the gate and blablabla". Those kind of say commands are not beeing printed.

If you can help me on this...

PS: it's a tickrate 100 server and it is hosted on my contry's best gsp
It's the maps fault I strongly think!
some servers have the same maps as I do and their consoles messages are fine
Do you run any plugins, scripts or so? That could have an effect on it.
i have eventscripts with these running scripts:

es_load noblock
es_load nade_sounds
es_load dissolver
es_load resetrank_en
es_load iptocountry_example
es_load ratemap
es_load whois
es_load tagme_python
es_load hlss

i have also mani admin, metamod
Try disable and see if it has any effects.
after weeks trying to find the problem, i found that the problem is caused by es_tolls plugin.

in es_tools.cfg you have a est_banned entities option and after that you have "point_command". it means that this point_command option is blocked from running.

point_command is responsible for printing the console say commands to the chat.
Hehe gratz to u. Toungue

Did this solve YOUR problem?

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