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Logging To Client Console.
OS: Windows
Processor: Unknown, rental server
RAM: Unknown, rental server
Game: Garry's Mod
Startup Command: -game garrysmod -console +ip -port 27016 +maxplayers 10 +map gm_flatgrass2008 +exec server_cfg.txt
Admin Mod: ULX (Lua script for Garry's Mod)

Another simple question though, though a little more advanced: How do I get a server's console to log through my client's console?

I know you can log to other things, as HLSW does this, and I am aware of the "log on" command needed etc, but what do I do from there? Do I just add my IP:Server Port (i.e. with logaddress_add? Or does something else need to be done as well?
You said it, HLSW is the best and only one I know of to do this Smile
Beaverbeliever Wrote:You said it, HLSW is the best and only one I know of to do this Smile

It's a good method, I use it when I'm not in-game. However, when I am in game, HLSW lags me up (I have a crap machine, I realize this), and I need to close it. However, I like having the ability to look at server logs. Thus, I ask for a way to log to client console.
Probably with a server based plugin you will be able to process it to your own client console. However, I can't make that for you unfortunately! Sad

I don't think there is a standard command for that, except from RCon.
I don't think it is possible because it would either be a security issue, or a port confliction issue.

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