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Error with physics props
On my DarkRP server, any time I try spawning a prop it doesn't work. Also, dropping a weapon, dropping money, etc. leaves the SENT's prop floating in mid air, and it cannot be picked back up. For example, when I type /dropmoney 10 the money SENT's prop remains static and non-physic, and console prints:

Error!: Can't create physics object for cs_assault/money/dollarbill.mdl

Prop spawning is enabled, but they cannot be spawned. Only things that work are ragdolls and item crates (which spawn useless static weapons). Any way to fix this?

Edit: Fixed! If you have this problem make sure you AddCSLuaFile all the gamemode SENTS and gamemode weapons.
You also need to make sure you have CS:S Content installed on your server.
Did you install CS:S on your server?
If not, that's probably why.

Also your response will have to consider talking with my .gif. :]

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