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L4D Server Problems :(
hey Guys 1st of all.

Server Specs:

win 2003 64bit
quad xeon 2.8ghz
Left 4 Dead
No mods

CommandLine: -game left4dead -ip -port 27028 -maxplayers 8 -console -autoupdate -nohltv +map l4d_farm01_hilltop

Controlled by TCADMIN.

Having a few issues running some l4d servers, basically the server is showing as not responding on TCADMIN, but it has people in.

also getting a lot of crash issues, just randomley,

just wondering if theres something i missed, FIX etc.

got a mate whos got a clan, dedi also. seems to be fine on his.

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance

Jay Smile

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