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sv_downloadurl do you need directory listing?
Ok, so my friend basically has a very very fast http server where my clients already autodownload content with sv_downloadurl and it works lovely. I also know I have comcast's 1 gigabyte online storage, which doesn't have that much speed, but I'm curiouss if I could use it for say sounds and bits, that aren't too large.

So here is my question:
Does directory listing have to be enabled? Comcast does not allow directory listing,
This is how my friend's looks like

Of course you will get a 403 error, he doesn't want people to be looking in there, but if you go to say it lists nicely.
So since directory listing would be disabled, would it be possible to do the exact same thing, if the directories were setup the exact same way as his? Because I am not too familiar if it's a direct link say or say: it goes to the directory of and looks at all the files and picks out the exact same name? Which it couldn't because it couldn't look in the directory.
Kind of a weird question, but it might apply to others.
Danke in advance.
You don't need directory listing for fast download to work. SRCDS generates the full link to the actual files on the server by using the standard structure, the map name, and the bz2 extension.
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Ok, thanks man Big Grin

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