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[Resolved] Dedicated Server Portforwarding Question
My server seems fine when I view the info from the console, but it won't show up in the lists and it is not lan. Ports 27015, 27016, 27018, 27019, 27005, and 27020 are forwarded. Protocol is both. Enable is checked. IP is I have a Linksys router, as well. Is there a command or something to get my server to work with these? Or did I do something wrong?

Edit: It's a Gmod server
have you tried connecting directly via console? from outside of course, so you probably need some friend to do this... (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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Forward ports 27000-27040 on both to the IP of your server.
Enable DMZ and from there ... DMZ not real safe solution but then you know it has something to do with portforwarding or not ... (DMZ under Applications & Gaming on a Linksys router)
Forwarding 27000-27040 and resetting router worked. Thanks.

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