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one friend can join and thats it? [Resolved]
Server OS: vista home premuim 64-bit
Processor: 2.5 quad
Ram: 5gb
Game(s): Garrys Mod
Admin Mods: simple admin (click here for mod link)

well basically only one of my friends can join. all the others can see the server and people in it but when they try to connect they get the 4 tries disconnect message. I have 27015 UDP and 27016 UDP forwarded. my only idea to solve this is to change admin mod. if you have any other ideas or a solution that would help.

The admin mod should have nothing to do with it. Please open ports 27000-27040 for both UDP/TCP.

Also remember, your friends have to join off your external IP. Found at

I hope this works for you Smile
alright thanks i have port forwarded those ports but why could one of my friends join but no others doesn't make much sense in my eyes
It seems you are hosting and you want to play on your own server?

Are you gaming on the same PC that is hosting? If so, then idk if Gmod is able to do that.

However, assuming the above is correct interpretation, you are hosting and want ppl to join, then:

The gmod server must NOT be port 27015, it must be 27016 or other: -IP <external ip> -port 27016

For Port forwarding then, you must do TCP AND UDP of 27015 and 27016 as a minimum.

the 27015 is for YOU to connect on, while everyone else connects on 27016.

Do not forget to check your firewall, which should have prompted you already to ALLOW srcds.exe, when you first started the server.
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yeah i found out the problem it was my anti virus NOD
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