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SRCDS Cause's CSS error take 2
Hi all again, i know this got looked at before and was partially resolved. Yes i got my server working again on my laptop but still same issue as when i run it from the same pc as CSS, and i know everyone recommends running my server from a different computer and all.

The reason i need to run it from the same pc is because my laptop just cant cut it, its old and too slow for it.

I reinstalled SCRDS to a different hard drive and left it as a fresh install, no mods or anything in it to see if they were clashing with my CSS game but they weren't.

If anyone can figure out why when i run both SRCDS and CSS, steam tells me my css is unavailable, and how to fix it it would be great.
The reason why SRCDS doesn't corporate with any other programs, such as MSN, Steam(client) and miscellaneous programs you have.

Is that, the SRCDS requires some ports which Steam indeed do also need for it's demand. Some people are lucky to run their server on their gaming pc, but others are. There are really nothing you can do, besides being lucky. I do have a theory: maybe it's causing the various routers on the market, some of them allowes it and some doesn't. Or it could be your configuration, which is still unknown.
It seems to be working now, i installed steam to a different hard drive and this has fixed the problem off it saying the game is unavailable.

Issue resolved

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