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Dedicated Servers and CS:S
What could I run with:

2U Rackmount Case
300W AC Power Supply
Dual AMD 2400+ Processor
(2) 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet Ports
Integrated Video Adapter
(3) PCI Expansion Slots
SCSI Raid Controller
(2) 36GB SCSI hard drive (Raid 0,1)

and 1000 gb of transfer / month?

What is your upload speed on your connection?
It's on the speakeasy fiber network...dunno if it's limited or not, or what those limits would be.

Here's what I'm looking at specifically:

I've requested the upload and download speeds via an email to them to try to answer your question directly.
Similar question...with a big CPU difference.

Could I run a 24 player CSS server on this?

1U Rackmount Case
200W AC Power Supply
Single Intel 2.4Ghz Celeron Processor
10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet Port
Integrated Video Adapter
1 PCI Expansion Slot
Internal 80GB IDE hard drive

That's half the price of the above.....found at:
DarkZealot89 Wrote:What is your upload speed on your connection?

It's a 100Mb line.
if you're only getting 1000GB/mo its not doing 100mbps, you only have a 100mbps port. you're probably doing about just about 10mbps maybe even 8mbps

and with 2400+ MP's won't be all that great, i think i got about 2 or 3 with dual 2200+
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