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server lag on join
I have removed every plugin, etc, and i am running this server and a dual quad core with plenty of system resources and bandwidth.

When ever someone joins the server, there is a small lag spike!
This includes bots, anyone know what the problem is?
[Image: readme.jpg]
Server OS: windows server 2003 32 bit
Processor: hyperthread 2x Intel Xeon-Harpertown 5430-Quadcore [2.66GHz]
Ram: 2 gigs
Game(s): CSS
Start Up Command: Uses firedaemon to start: -console -game "cstrike" -secure +map de_dust2 +maxplayers 32 -port 27015 +ip <my ip>
Admin Mods: sourcemod, mani. (But I have confirmed that these are not the problem as the problem persists when I removed them and any other mod.

Ok, I run 4 servers on a box. 2 of them run flawlessly. The CPU/RAM usage if fine. The problem is on 2 of my servers, it lag spikes whenever someone joins.
I have essentially copy and pasted the good working server into another directory and run it, and it still has the problem. I am completly stumped.

I have noticed the following corrolations:
-It lags when humans join AND bots
-when on net_graph 2 the graph spikes quite considerably.

Can anyone help?
Oh and a side note: this has happened on TWO different boxes in TWO different data centers, I recently transfered hosts so I could manage my server from a dedicated box.

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