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Resolved allocate udp port
the computer was just bein a bitch it needed a restart.
Make sure you have your Firewall turned off and your Ports forwarded. Can you post your startup line for SRCDS?
its not exactly the normal srcds its a diffrent thing the actuall thing works fine on a diffrent computer it has a menu to do all that
When it said that for me i just took off the ip for it and just left the port and it worked and if u dont nkow what ur server ip is its ur reg ip
My Clan Server Non SRCDS
[Image: b_160x400_T1_F-2.png]
now its saying it cant allocate the source tv port even though im not useing source tv on it
[Image: readme.jpg]
[Image: b_350x20_C002748-004880-FFFFFF-000000.png]
im sorry pengy i have no idea what all that stuff is for the computer
You need to give us the requested information. If not, we can't help you.
Make sure to include Local and External Ip address and a picture of your portforwarding.
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To find out that information, Click Start, then Run, then type dxdiag. If it has a yes or no prompt, click yes. Smile
OS WIndows vista home premium 6.0 build 6000
MANUFACUAR hp pavilion
Model GN551AA-ABA m8200n
processor amd athlon 64 dual core processer 6000+
Local ip
External ip
And the ports i know are fowarded useing the port foward checker

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