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Server Problem (massive please help really)
ok first of all
i have two pc's
one is a desktop, one is a laptop (laptop can't play TF2 though)
both are able to host a server for TF2 no problem with 66 tick and 10 players
I also have the following
- 1 nintendo WiFi USB
- 1 SpeedStream 1500 router (it is not wireless)
right about now u can see my first problem...I dont have wireless router to get internet on both PC's (just to let u know i wana host on the laptop)
So this is where the Nintendo WiFi USB comes into play
i modified my Nintendo WiFi USB to connect to other devices (usually it only connects to Nintendo stuff..stupid nintendo)
here is the Link for those who wana check it out Click Here to See it
k so im able to get that working so now i solved my first problem (the one router thing) and i got internet on both computers
So i set up the srcds stuff on my laptop and goes well no problems
so i launch it no problem (my command line is good nothing irregular trust me)
my .cfg is good no problems
overall its going good nothing is wrong
so i boot up TF2 on my desktop
nothing wrong
i connect to my game (nothing wrong)
i can play and stuff
then i try and get other people to connect (then it goes south from here)
they cant
i realize that is because i gave an internal IP
so i gave an External
didnt work
thats why im here posting
Someone help
If u have any questions bout some of my command lines just ask i will reply
-ty please reply
I would like to point out, it is a good idea to have your Dedicated server machine directly connected for several reasons.

It sounds like you did not port forward. On your router, open ports 27000-27040 UDP/TCP. Also make sure your firewall is disabled on the server machine.

Set your SRCDS command line to have -ip <internal IP>, and then have people connect with your external.

Good luck! Smile
thanx for the Tip: no working, i have no firewall, micosoft one is disabled really i dont know what is wong
and i port forwarded, soryy i forgot to metion
Is your server connecting to the Steam Master servers? Also make sure sv_lan 0 is in your server.cfg Smile
If the nintendo wifi dongle is on the server, I know that using the default software (idk about the custom stuff) that it bridges the connection BLOCKING ALL INCOMING CONNECTIONS. It's total ass.

Run a small VM of XP with 64mb of ram and host the dongle from there. That's what I do to fix this issue and it works. VMware Server 2 is free.
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mooga, smart idea....still doesnt work
it connects to the Master Server No problem but
i can connect no problem
but others cant
i give the external no work
i give the internal no work
i did the command line with -ip <internal ip>
and give the external didnt work
i did the command line with -ip<external ip>
and give the internal didnt work

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