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Requirements for TF2 standalone
ok can some tell me the requirements for a TF2 standalone 33 tick server
i wana know what is the least amount of ram needed
this is the type of server i wana host
TF2 - Cp_orange_x3
Sourcemod (few plugins only the rank one)
33 tick/497 fps (I use the fps booster)
10 slots (my upload speed can handle 15 harldy any lag)

My Processor is Pentium 4 Inter ® 3.2 GHz
I just wana know because this is my Idea
im planning on hosting it on VMware
the reason why is because then i can host on the same PC and it will have different IP addresses (using the VM bridge connections)
that way i can connect to it without turning it into a Lan Server
I have 2 logical processors running on 1 physical, so that wont be a problem for me in terms of lag, i just wana know what is the least amount of ram needed for this server because my ram is only 1GB (though i have 2 more gigs i can install if needed )
It will not have different ip address's because its on the same computer that you have, and bridging vm connections just makes it use the ip that the computer already has. So you dont need to run it in a vm, you can connect to it even when its not a lan server, just type connect localhost, if you are playing and having the server on one computer, you need more than 1gb of ram.
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yea but if it is lan....other people cant then it just suks
You dont need to set it to lan for you to join, you just need to port forward and set it to sv_lan 0
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k yea i did all that
doesnt work man

EDIT: NVM i joined under Lan no internet LOL
You need to join under lan, while your friends join from your external ip
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