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linux kernel, hz,-etc Question
A friend of mine says that the kernel hz is a "limit" of how many servers you can have at the same time (fps). Example;

1000hz = 1 1000fps server
1000hz = 2 500fps servers
1000hz = x 300fps servers
etc etc etc...

Is this true?

EDIT: I mean.. ofc you could run a couple of 1000fps servers.. but the question is.. does it f*ck the stability/interrupting/etc up?
no, that's not true. especially on well configured systems and hardware you don't need 1000 HZ for 1000 fps. My kernel is running at 100 HZ and with dynamic ticks (that is decreasing the HZ even further), and I can run multiple servers at 1000 fps. This works using the hrtimers...

Also keep in mind that a 1000 fps server does not take twice the resources of a 500 fps server. In fact the amount of cpu required for *stable* 500 fps is almost the same as for stable 1000 fps. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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