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Resources needed to run?
Hey I searched for the answer "What resources are needed to run a CS:S server?". The only releated topics I found where unanswered. Can anyone help me out?
Can you tell us what you have and what you want to run?

Make sure to include the game, hardware specs, and bandwidth speeds.
Well what I have shouldn't be relevant. And I don't really care about bandwidth just the actual processing resources needed.
It would be easier for us to answer your question based on your specs. What type of processor, and what clock speed?
You obviously are not reading my question.
Depends on what type of css server you want, like 100 tick, 1000 fps etc...
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Its probably some old shit, thats why he dont write what he has...
100tick 333fps
Right now I run 40 slots on my home server:
Core2Duo 3.0 Ghrz 4Gb ram

But I want to rent a dedicated box for my community. Dont know what specs of what box im getting yet.

matte563 Wrote:Its probably some old shit, thats why he dont write what he has...

Now I see that this community is really rude and immature.

- Dont think I will be coming back.
Just lower his rep, so people know.

Well if you want to run a box for your whole community, you probably want around 500fps, also you are going to need a high bandwidth on the server. Usually a 2.3 ghz quad core will run >30 500fps 100 tick servers
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So it will run 30+ on each core?
Sry meant <
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