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so i did everything and my server runs, but for some reason it runs with a weird ip, the ip is i hear that its a private ip so no one else can get on it, i can run around myself but i can't get anyone else on it, when i give them the ip they can't connect. so WHAT DO I DO?!!?!?!?!?!

I went to and i got my ip, do i do something with that??!?!?!
give that ip to your friends to use to connect to your server.

also make sure you forward your ports
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have you opened all the relevant ports as I guess from your IP you are running through a router. Then you give your external IP to your m8's and see if they can access it.

You can find all the relevant ports on this forum or on steams website. Hope this helps
have u set the server to sv_lan 0
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