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How to install sourcebans
Here's how to install sourcebans on your web space hosting account. You need to download the latest full package of sourcebans from the website. Once you download the latest full package you need to unzip the files and have them ready for uploading to your webspace hosting account.

Creating the database...

First we are going to create the database for sourcebans. Login to your website control panel [Cpanel] and look for a icon that looks like the picture below called MySQL Databases.

[Image: cpanel.jpg]

Inside MySQL Databases you are going to create the database that's going to make sourcebans work on your webspace.

[Image: mysql.jpg]

To create the database is going to take 3 steps.

1. You need to give your database a name.

2. You need to create a user name and a password for the database.

3. You need to add a user to the database by clicking on the button.

NOTE: Write this stuff down because you are going to need it later on in the installation process...

[Image: dbusertable.jpg]

Your MySQL Account Maintenance should look like the picture above.

You have now finished with the MySQL Database installation part of source bans.

Config.cfg file...

You need to edit the config.php.template file to have the info that you used for the mysql database. Go to the web_upload folder of sourcebans and open config.php.template with wordpad.

Quote:define('DB_HOST', 'localhost'); // The host/ip to your SQL server
define('DB_USER', 'root'); // The username to connect with
define('DB_PASS', 'Password'); // The password
define('DB_NAME', 'sourcebans'); // Database name

Only edit the parts that are in BOLD with the info that you used to make the sourcebans database. Everything else can stay the same unless you need to change something go ahead. Once you are done rename the config.php.template file to config.cfg

Installing Sourcebans...

Now you need to decide where you would like to upload the source bans files. Do you want to upload it to a website or just have source bans as the website like i have at steam id Ban List? If you are planning to have a sourcebans as a website or already have a website in place then i would suggest installing source bans on a directory called "bans".

Connect to your webspace hosting account trough FTP and create a new folder called "bans" inside of the "public_html" directory. Now upload all the files that are inside of the web_upload folder to the "bans" folder you created in inside of the "public_html" directory.

Now that all the files are uploaded to the "bans" folder. You need to open your favorite internet browser.


[Image: agree.jpg]

To install source bans is going to take 5 steps.

Before you can install sourcebans you need to agree to the creative commons - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license. Once you are done reading the license checkmark the box that says "I have read, and accept the license" and click the OK button to continue with the installation.

[Image: database.jpg]

You need the info that you entered when creating the database in the "Creating the database..." above. We need the Database Name, Database Username, Database Password. Everything else should be left the way it is.

You need the login name that you use to connect to cpanel [Control Panel]. Looking at the picture above you can see that i used my login name for my cpanel website which is "c388262". You need to enter the cpanel login name with an " _ " in between the cpanel login name and database name. The same goes for the cpanel login name and the database username.


Database name:

* c388262_testbans

Database username:

* c388262_testbans

NOTE: You do not need the cpanel login name for the password.

Once you are done entering the info click OK button to continue the installation of sourcebans.

[Image: errors.jpg]

In the system requirements part of the installation you are going to check to see if sourcebans can be install on your webspace hosting account.

Look in the "php, mysql, filesystem requirements" to see if they are all green ( yes ) and "MySql Version" has a green with the version number that's installed in your server. Check to see if "config.php and directories" are all in green ( yes ). If something shows in red "no" you need to make the file/folders writable by changing the their permissions.

[Image: permissions.jpg]

If some file requirements show in red change their permissions then click the Recheck to check their value turn to green ( yes ).

NOTE: If any of the values show in red you will not be allowed to proceed with the installation of sourcebans.

If you have problems with this section check the sourcebans manual for more details.

[Image: check.jpg]

After you are done click the OK button to continue.

[Image: table.jpg]

If everything is good then you will see "The tables were created successfully"

Click the OK button to close the popup window.

Click the OK button to continue to the next step in the installation.

[Image: setup.jpg]

Now you need to create a Administrator login name and password for sourcebans control panel. This is how you are going to login to your forum and ACP [ Admin Control Panel ].

Once you are done click OK to continue to part 2 of step 5.

[Image: warning.jpg]

The picture above basically says that the mysql server is at the same server as your website. In order for your game server to connect to sourcebans the info needs to be the same as the mysql database.

[Image: setup2.jpg]

For this part of the installation setup you need to copy what's inside of the box to sourcemod database.cfg file that's in /MOD/addons/sourcemod/configs/database.cfg

Quote: "sourcebans"
"driver" "mysql"
"host" ""
"database" "c388262_testbans"
"user" "c388262_testbans"
"pass" "Password"
//"timeout" "0"
"port" "3306"

When pasting the info above to the database.cfg file make sure you add it before the } last simbol at the bottom of the page.


"driver" "mysql"
"host" ""
"database" "c388262_testbans"
"user" "c388262_testbans"
"pass" "Password"
//"timeout" "0"
"port" "3306"


Congratulations! The installation of source bans is now finished.

If you're using AMXBans you can continue with the installation to import a ban list.

Once you are done delete the updater and install folders from the public_html directory.

Now you can login to make the neccessary changes in admin panel of sourcebans.

Original can be found here:
i have website and css server
but i dont have MySQL Databases.
how i can get this ??
plsss help me
What OS you have on the gameserver? Lamp (linux) and wamp (windows) are things to look into... Google m8

and @NightLinks ....this is a manual to install sourcebans ... why? there is a site:
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Sure there's a manual but looking at the number of views this thread has gotten here and at my site. It looks like many people don't know how to find the manual to sourcebans.

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