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Restrict Weapons (mani admin)
Mani Admin Plugin Version 1.2 beta o

So i wanted to restrict both the autosnipers. So i went to my css server and opened the admin menu and choosed Restrict Weapons and then when i pressed on the SG550 and the G3SG1 it says "Weapon [0] not found" in the chat. Then i tried another way so i went to cfg\mani_admin_plugin\default_weapon_restrict.txt and deletet the // on the start of sg550 and g3sg1 and then started the server and it worked! but then i noticed that ct start without USP and it says in the chat window
"Weapon G3-SG1 sniper semiauto is restricted" and i checked if usp is restricted and it isnt this is really enjoying.

So my questions is:
1. Why does i dont get USP as ct and it says that "Weapon G3-SG1 sniper semiauto is restricted"
2. Why does it says "Weapon [0] not found" when i try to restrict some weapons on the admin menu

Thanks /jiZer

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