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adding new maps or custom maps need help
okey im pritty new at this tf2 server setup i need help with getting new or custom maps.if anyone out there can help with walking me throught the adding the maps that would be awsome and i would be very greatful.
All you need to do is download them, and get the .bsp file and put it in your maps folder.

Good luck Smile
Cmon Beaver, its not just that.

1. Have your map.bsp, upload to the folder /tf/maps (as BB said)

2. Add the mapname to the maplist.txt file (located in /tf folder)

3. If you want it in map rotation, add the mapname to the mapcycle.txt file (located in /tf folder)

4. If you are using the default motd.txt file, then you can also add that mapname there as well (located in /tf folder)

5. Custom maps will mean you need to figure how your clients will get that map. It will have to be taht they install the map manually, outside of the game, or you have a redirect setup. A redirect will be where the download of the map comes from rather than the game server itself, which sometimes can crash a server. There is a topic here... some ppl call it fast download.
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thank you tring the advise and going to see if it works i hope it does but it should you guys know what your talking about.

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