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Server Spec - Dual Core Opteron
Hey guys,

Can you tell me how many players you would expect to get on a Dual CPU AMD Server, Both CPU's are Dual Core Opterons 4000+ (2.2ghz) with 4 GB RAM.

These machines are top of the line and brand spanking new.

I am hoping to be able to run 3 copies of srcds simultaniously, Please tell me if I'm barking up crazy tree.

Thanks, Mikey_TRW
That's not a problem at all. We have exactly the same machine (except that the Opterons are Single-core) and we are currently running two srcds' with 40 and 20 players and one Battlefield 2 server with 32 players.

Our server is according to game-monitor the most popular server in Sweden and we are frequently reaching the 40-player limit without a hickup from the server. Also, we do not limit bandwidth and we run a tickrate of 66.

But perhaps the fact that we are sporting a 1Gbit/s line does help a bit Wink
Well if its a 4000+ model, its not an opteron, its just Athlon 64 X2. having dual core won't help you all that much unless you run a bunch of multithreaded applications, probably better off with a normal opteron or a normal Athlon 64 instead of spending the cash

But if apache and mysql run on that server, it'll help a bit.
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I must disagree. Of course multiple processing units will help if he runs several servers side-by-side. To run three srcds' on a single-cored Athlon 64 would simply not work unless there are only very few users on each srcds-instance.

Also, there is currently no 4000+ model of the Athlon X2. Neither does AMD give speed-indications for the Opteron but that's another question. If you buy an AMD Opteron 265 you will get a Dual Core Opteron.

Nevertheless, three instances of srcds will work just fine on either an Athlon X2 or two single-core Opterons. Of course, the more processors you have the better since the operating system doesn't need to share CPU-time with srcds this way.

The most of a configuration which you describe (2 physical processors resulting in a total of four cores) you'd get if srcds was a multithreaded application and I am not quite sure that it is.

Well well, ... if you want to save some cash opt for a two single-core Opterons. You will probably get away cheaper than purchasing an Athlon X2 4400+. Motherboards for Opterons are like €200 and each processor is an additional €150. You'll end up paying appx €500 for that configuration whereas purchasing only one single X2 4400+ processor will set you back around €550! Add another €120 for the motherboard and you are paying €670.

Of course you will need ECC RAM for an Opteron configuration which will be around €120 per Gigabyte of RAM but that ain't much more expensive than standard DDR RAM. One gigabyte of PC3200 RAM will cost you around €110 so the price-difference is negligable.

Also. Purchasing an Opteron-motherboard will only be a positive experience since those motherboards actually are made for heavy-duty computing (in servers or high-performance workstations) and you'll probably end up having a more reliable system. After all, socket 939 motherboards (for the X2) are made for the mass-market Desktop PCs.

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