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kick/ban users whos name keeps changing
I had a run in with a user who was being abusive, he was using a script to change his name everytime i tried to kick or ban him. I've got a hosted server.

1. is there a way to determine a users ip so i can rcon banip?
2. is there a way to ban a user based on their actual steam id?
If you know their SteamID, simply use the command banid <id> (Replace <id> with the users SteamID) Smile
When this happens I just type "status" in console to get a list of players and kick/ban based on their userid.
When a user connect to the server the IP will be in in de server logfile: <path>/steam/srcds_l/cstrike/logs

You can add a ban in the following server files:

More easy to add a ingame ban or with HLSW.
Either get kigens anti cheat, which bans name copiers, type status in console and look for the name with a space after it then ban from console, run an rcon status and do the same thing as regular status but with the ip.
[Image: b_350x20_C002748-004880-FFFFFF-000000.png]
thanks for the help. I'm a noob to the rcon stuff.
I thought new VAC did this already?
VAC? No you need more then that. Steambans, KAC and/or Detox do the job, but there will be cheaters in the server.

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