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think I got it! maybe... port fowarding and etc...
first, the only reason I want to run a server is to host my custom maps

only made one so far ctf_cubecity
it still needs some work but it's ready for testing and feed back

I followed the guides, i believe my server is running (no one has joined yet though, and I don't have many friends that play much)

ok, i think i fowarded ports correctly, not sure, have a d-link 524, went to port fowarder and did it like they said.
My server shows up on master list but doesn't show up on ... so far no body has been willing to join.
why wouldn't my server show up on if it was online, i'm thinking it's not online...

also, when i used my external ip address to add to favorites it says server not responding... ? how can i find out if this game is really online or not.
If the master server recognizes it, then it should be online. On the portion of it, make sure you don't have a firewall blocking it! I had the same issue with a couple servers of mine.

If you're still trying to add it to favorites and it's giving you a 'Server Not Responding' message, then be sure to check you have forwarded all of the ports correctly.

Hope this helps. Smile
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As another note, you shouldn't do DMZ. It causes major security risks.
DMZ ? what is that,
and thanks guys...
I finnally got someone with some patience to try it for me, they could see it on the master server list but when they tried to join or add the ip to there favorites they got a "server not responding" message. I'm leaning towards my router, i don't think I fowarded ports correctly

I went into my router add 70215 and the other one, 70200 or what ever as perminant udp/tcp ports. I need to explore my router a bit more.
if anyone has a router/port faq or link I'd appriciate it. I'm patient, i'll read a 10 page guide,

thanks again.
You need to open ports 27000-27040 UDP/TCP to the machine your hosting it on.

Another question, if you are planning on hosting the server on the same computer you play on:
I keep seeing that thread "if you want to play on the same pc your playing on"

Is it not possible or just not recommended?

From what I gather it is possible, What is the problem with running a server on the same pc your playing on? other than bandwidth....
my pc
intel 8400 3ghz @ 3.8ghz
4 gig ddr3 1600 @ 1333 7-7-7-21
4 hd in raid 0....
vista 64bit (big mistake, can't wait for 7, i like ubuntu but it just has so many issues, i wan't something that works out of the box.)
my pc is pretty good, i think it could handle it, or is just the networking issue?

thanks again, and i found out what DMZ is. won't be using that...

Just open those ports- my server is imediatly found on the master list, before it took a few tries, a step in the right direction, thank you. Still not showing up on though.... still looking into the firewall...i use avg, nothing else, no router firewal other than wlan encyrption
The problems are not the hardware.

It is the protocol, ports etc of what your software uses.
ok ports 27000-27040. i feel like an idiot but...

i opened ports 27000 and 27040,
should i have opened 27000, 27005, 27010, 27015, etc........?

still can't get people to connect.............
or view on (even if I don't join the game, so playing on the host machine shouldn't be an issue)

i did search around on the internet but couldn't find anything usefull, not trying to ask already answered questions......

at this point i'm ready to buy a cheap pc w/ no protection what so ever, YES i can buy(build) a cheap pc but can't afford to pay for a server(only trying to test my maps w/ people)
Try this:

1. DMZ the PC acting as the server. Get the game going and check that ppl can connect and monitors, server lists, etc. can see it running. This will at least tell you that w/o a firewall, you've got the game server running fine.

2. Assuming the above is all ok, NOW implement the port forwarding. IF done correctly, then it will work just like in No. 1 above. If not, then you're not forwarding correctly.

3. Once you have No. 2 successfully figured, then you can start figuring out how to PLAY on the same PC, which as realchamp says, is an adjustment to the ports.

For now, let us know if you are successful with #1 and #2.
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what i did was forward those ports and DISABLED my firewall to many problems with it and forwarded ALL my ports 0 -63454 or something like that and then MAKE sure that people are not join though your game because when you click on it in LAN it uses your local IP example instead of you external one example no to pass this problem add your server to your favorites as your external IP and then people should be able to join also make sure you have sv_lan 0 in server.cfg

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