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mani_stats_calculate (changing)
hi, iam trying to change the ranks calculate to 0 (pure kills) i have changed many times(mani-server)(and restarted server) and also removed a replaced 6 stats files from server starter disc(clean fresh)they are mani name stats/mani stats/
mani player name settings/mani name ranks/mani ranks/mani player settings. and like a bad penny it continues to calculate by 1 kill/death ratio .the problem with that if 1 player joins and plays a few new players they will have a crazy high (7-8 to 1) K/D ratio and be ranked first... forever i increased the "limit before rank to 500" to help but it wont stop the calculate. is there anywhere else i need to change the mani_stats_calculate number (0-1-2-3) also i see a message in the console "unable to exec es_tools.cmani_stats i checked there and everthing looks fine. (encl. mani server)

// Module : Stats
// Desc : The stats module is a very simple ranking system based on 3 methods of
// calculation (defined in mani_stats_calculate).
// *****************************************************************************

// 1 = Enable stats module, 0 = disable stats module
mani_stats 1

// 0 = calculate once per map, 1 = calculate at end of each round (CSS Only)
mani_stats_mode 0

// Number of days since player last connected before they are removed from the
// stats list
mani_stats_drop_player_days 10

// This cvar is used to set the type of stats calculation to use for ranking
// players
// 0 = Rank by by pure kills
// 1 = Rank by by kill:death ratio
// 2 = Rank by kills minus deaths
// 3 = Rank by points (points delta = (victim_points/killer_points) * multiplier
mani_stats_calculate 0

// Number of kills required before a player is given a rank
// If you are using the Kill Death ratio you should set this quite high
mani_stats_kills_required 500

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