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New official Red Orchestra mod - Darkest Hour released
John Gibson Wrote:A new mod for Red Orchestra has been released called Darkest Hour.
Darkest Hour finally brings the Americans to Red Orchestra, focusing on
the beaches of Normandy, Operation Market-Garden, the Battle of the
Bulge and on into the Reich. Featuring airborne parachute drops and late
war German and Allied tanks Darkest Hour brings an all new style of
gameplay to Red Orchestra.

As this is an official RO mod the server files can be downloaded through
HLDS just like Red Orchestra or Killing Floor. Just run HLDS specifying
darkesthour as the game to install the mod. Once the mod is installed
one small tweak will need to be made to get the mod running. There is a
file called steam_appid.txt in the system folder. Just to set the number
in there to 1280 to specify you are running the mod and not stock RO.

If anyone is interested in more information on the game you can check
out the Steam store page here. <>
The mod is available for free to anyone that owns Red Orchestra. Darkest
Hour was Red Orchestra's most popular mod before this official Steam
release, and should even exceed its previous popularity now that it can
be downloaded through Steam.


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