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I give up lol
Been trying to create a server from 1am, now its 4:46am and I'm about to call it quits lol. I don't know much about computers, and tried posting on the steam forums but no one replies. I'll just copy and paste, and I hope someone can help me out with a tutorial also. I'm using a Vista computer.

I posted this on the steam forums at the end of May
"Ok so basically, i created a counter strike 1.6 server back in september 2008 on my XP computer and with no router. It worked fine back then. So now I want to create a TF2 server, but it won't let any of my friends join? I use team fortress 2 dedicated server, and the first thing i notice is that I can't join my own server. Which back in 2008, i could join my own CS server. Another thing i notice, is that none of my friends could join in. And the message says steam valdiction error or something."
"Ok, so when i create a server using the standard ingame tf2 one, my friend gets this message "LAN servers are restricted to local clients (class C)". My sv_lan is set to 0 and still doesn't work. I also already did steam_appid.txt and still doesn't work. Ok so when i tried, the team fortress 2 dedicated server, my friend gets this message "STEAM validation rejected". I am not using a router, so i don't have the standard 192.168.1........ anyways please help me."

I posted this today
"Need help, why can't I join my own server that I created. It keeps popping up this message "Couldn't allocate any server ip port," I'm not using any router also."

I also followed knucles77075 tutorial on youtube.
I believe you host and play on the same PC?

That could be your problem with Team Fortress 2. Try setting up the old Counter-Strike 1,6 server agian and then give it a new try!
Yes im trying to host and play TF2 at the same time. Could it be my Vista computer, because before I was using XP? I'll give CS 1.6 a try. I'm a little confused, because I thought setting up a server is easier compared to setting up a server with routers. I thought I could by pass all those port forwarding and stuff.
Hmm I won't blame Vista in the first round. But playing on the same pc as you're hosting on isn't recommended.
Oh lol, what about "Solution 1" in this thread My friend always get this message when he tries to connect though "LAN servers are restricted to local clients (class C)." Even with Sv_lan 0
Do you host the server from your game? The "create server" button?
Yes i do

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