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Player Warping
Since the last update, my server has been having some issues:

I run a couple dedicated source servers off my 3.0 HT box with 2 gigs of ram, and plenty of bandwith. So since the latest "cpu usage" update, there have been a few instances where I restart the server and it is unable to connect to establish a connection to the vac servers, then it says something like "Connection to Steam servers un-successful. VAC beta secure mode is not activated." At which point you cannot connect to the server.

There is another peculiar symptom I have been encountering and it is, when I restart the server, and for awhile everything functions as it should, then after a lo3 a round restart or something, then it appears as if ping/ticrate/choke appear completely normal, although the players cannot move anywhere without having their action "lagged back" sort of time-warped to their original position and orientation after moving a few feet. Also when you type messages only a few will go to everyone, and it will only "process" the text request after several seconds, rendering the server and gameplay useless. I have restarted the server after these circumstances it alleviated it for awhile, but then the symptoms came back.

If I had to describe a direct cause for this issue, I would say the server is functioning at a much lower host_framerate then default.

I have heard of one other case of this happening to an admin who runs a dedicated server off of his own box. Which leads me to believe this is an inherent problem with steam. Any ideas of the cause, or a possible solution?

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