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TCadmin or cPanel
My question is which is all by better?
I'm having trouble choosing because if i use TCadmin I have to run Windows server on my dedicated server and that would cost me more a month. Is it really worth going to windows for TCadmin
Well, Windows is eaiser to diagnose, and tcadmin is really a great controlpanel, but if money is a issue, just stick with linux and swiftpanel. Not cpanel. SwiftPanel!!!!!!!
[Image: 1789915.png]

If you are a beginner yes it will be much easier to use Windows and TCAdmin, at the moment i am using TCAdmin and it is a feature packed easy to use control panel for you as an admin and if you have any customers. Licenses are $15 a month for TCAdmin i dont know about swift panel and i dont know what features it has as the demo on their website appears to be broken.

If you want any info about tcadmin let me know Smile
I use TCAdmin and I have no complaints. Paying the $15 per month is not just good for the panel, but support and different mod downloads and such.

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