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Killing Floor Update Released (6-4-09)
Sorry, I totally missed this one...
John Gibson Wrote:A required update for Killing Floor has been released for both Windows
and Linux dedicated servers. All dedicated servers must be updated to be
compatible with the client version now on Steam (and to show in the
server browser). This update includes the following fixes and


- Fixed a common crash involving Sprite Emitters, generally caused by
using a Flame Thrower and/or multiple Grenades.
- Fixed players with Level 5 Perks not always getting their default
weapon when they spawn.
- Fixed Clots not grabbing players that do not have the Commando Perk
- Fixed servers with a maximum of more than 6 players allowing Perks to
- Limited the number of respawns to once per wave to stop exploiters
from getting extra money and guns by suiciding.
- Fixed more exploits in KF-Manor, KF-BioticsLab, and KF-WestLondon.

- Added settings for the Voice Message system to allow players to
control the amount of messages played.
- Added a Friends tab to the Multiplayer menu which allows players to
quickly see which servers their Steam Friends are playing on.
- Improved usability of filter system by moving it directly into the
Internet Server Browser area.


John Gibson
Tripwire Interactive LLC
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