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join sound
i have mani admin plugin and i put the sound in my actionlist but i doesn;t work.helppppp
In your actionsoundlist.txt remove the // in front of "joinserver" // means comment and will be ignored by the server.
Server restart required.
if that dosent work add it to your downloads list.txt
it is not working helppp
Show us your actionsoundlist.txt
that is the actionlist://
// actionsoundlist.txt
// Place all your action sounds in this file
// This file uses aliases to define
// the sound name, they must not be altered !!!
// The second part on each line is the location
// and name of the file itself. You can change
// this to be wherever you want.
// In the example below I have commented out
// joinserver, roundstart and roundend. If you
// uncomment joinserver a sample I made will
// be played upon connection to a server. You will
// probably get bored with this quickly so replace
// it with your own Smile
// Samples "joinserver.mp3", "startyourvoting.mp3" and
// "endofvote.mp3" were made by me (Mani) using FruityLoops
// and a nice VST plugin synth. The rest are from the
// core HL2 server installation.

"joinserver" admin_plugin/actions/joinserver.mp3
"votestart" admin_plugin/actions/startyourvoting.mp3
"voteend" admin_plugin/actions/endofvote.mp3
//"roundstart" admin_plugin/actions/roundstart.mp3
//"roundend" admin_plugin/actions/roundend.mp3
"restrictedweapon" admin_plugin/actions/restrictedweapon.wav
Looks fine.

However, do you use sv_pure or sv_consistency? Or tried to setup fastdownload?
how i install fast downloads?
I didn't ment to do it. It was a question if you had installed it.

What error does it give you?

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