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How many slots can i have? [CSS]
I want i server with 32 slots, but my internet speed is:
[Image: 489110894.png]
Can i make a 32 slots server?
If not, then how many slots?
No you can't.

But what tickrate would you like to have?
tickrate 100, but i tought i can change that value in order to have a 32 slot server :/
Your upload can't really support a server, either get it hosted professionally or get a better connection.
You could probably get 1-2 people on a server with less than a 1/2 a MB/s upload although it would be horridly laggy.
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i have play on it with 4 players with any lag, but now the problem, is that the server is not showing in the find server, if you connect via console it says it failled after 4 trays, and in favorites is not responding, what should i do?
You need to get a better upload to support a server at 100tick.

It sounds like you have routing issues maybe?
well in portugal there is no better internet speeds, :/ and yes i guess i have some routing issues.
Look at renting a game server out, they are quite cheap.
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