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I cant' see my server in master list
I have a problem with my servers.

They servers are update and they are connect on master list.
All it's ok but i can't see some servers in master list with steam list.

It's strange because on this server when we are 10 or more players (players know IP) not other players (don't know ip) connect on this server ....

It's very strange because on*
no server are listed ...

Can you help me ?
Thanks for your help
This seems to be a widespread problem, I've been asking about it here and on steampowered for weeks and no one has any idea...
ho ha ok it seemed to me well.

Cause i have two servers.
First : (CS:S)
Second : (CS1.6)

I can see second server in master list but i can't see the first server.
Or on the first server they is often players (know ip)
However i'm sure the first and second servers are update and correctly configured.

When you have any informations and news, tell me please Smile

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