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Cannot find srcds.exe
Hello, I'm new to installing source, so please excuse the lack of knowledge.

I followed the direction on the main page...downloaded the update, ran the update, but I still cannot find the srcds.exe file per instruction. Please help.

Also, is it ok to install on D: rather then C: as directed.?

smae for me.
I do not find the srcds.exe too.
Maybe somebody can help me pls!?

thx in advance
Did you install your srcds into a folder like SRCDS?

So it would be like D:\SRCDS\

If you installed it right into D:\ it gets really messy
BTW yes you may use D:\

It doesnt mater what drive you store your SRCDS.
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well ... are there any files at all? does anything download (takes a while) Gaming Servers
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It takes a LONG time

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